Health Data Science Sandbox

The Health Data Science Sandbox is a national project coordinated by the Center for Health Data Science at the University of Copenhagen. The Sandbox is working with a network of health data science experts at five Danish universities to build training and research resources on academic supercomputers for students and researchers in Denmark.

The Sandbox contains training modules that pair shareable datasets from different health data domains with recommended analysis tools, pipelines, and learning materials/tutorials in a portable, containerized format.

Sandbox AI workflow

The sandbox environment is hosted on Danish supercomputers Computerome and UCloud with open-source module materials hosted on GitHub (organization: hds-sandbox). 

Thank you to the Novo Nordisk Foundation for their generous support via the Data Science Research Infrastructure funding initiative.

Please visit our website for much more information about the project.


HeaDS Staff
Anders Krogh PI
Jennifer Bartell Project Coordinator / Data Scientist
Alba Refoyo Martínez Data Scientist
External Staff
Sander Boisen Valentin Data Scientist (AAU)
Samuele Soraggi Data Scientist (AU)
Jesper Roy Christensen Data Scientist (DTU/Computerome)
Jacob Fredegaard Hansen Data Scientist (SDU)