Keeping in touch with HeaDS

SUND DataLab

Questions regarding data lab services, data science needs or collaboration should be directed to our DataLab email address: at

HeaDS Administration

General questions about courses, workshops, the website, or other inquiries should be directed to our administration at

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Directions to HeaDS

Starting from the entrance at Nørre Allé, near the bookstore, there are two ways to find us: 

Option 1 

Follow the signs directing to HeaDS, starting from the staircase. 

If you don't see a sign for a long time just keep walking in the same direction the last sign pointed. You may find yourself road-blocked at section C, which is currently behind card access.  

Option 2 

This option requires no card access. It is illustrated below.  

  1. Go downstairs into the basement  
  2. Go through the open double doors at the foot of the stairs and and continue straight on 
  3. Turn left at the end of the hallway 
  4. Continue until you reach elevator 33c on your right 
  5. Go up to 4th floor 
  6. HeaDS is on your right as you exit the elevator 

Map to HeaDS