SUND DataLab

The SUND DataLab at HeaDS provides data science support for all research groups at SUND and oversees courses and workshops designed to upgrade the data science skills of biomedical researchers in-house at all seniority levels.


Consultancy, Supervision & Commission

Are you interested in being guided during your analysis?
Do you feel like a longer session with a Data Scientist could be helpful for your research?
Check out what HeaDS can do for you


HeaDS organises conferences, seminars, workshops, and more!

SUND DataLab Team

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Name Country E-mail
Thilde Terkelsen Data Scientist, PhD E-mail
Diana Andrejeva Data Scientist, PhD E-mail
Henrike Zschach Data Scientist, PhD E-mail
Eleonora Nigro Scientific Coordinator E-mail