Building the Computational Bridge

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📅 Wednesday, 29th of November 2023
This workshop will run 3 times on the 23rd October, 29th November and 16th of January.

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⏱️ 8.15 - 15.30

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Are you ready to enter the world of data science and be inspired for your teaching?

Getting familiar with Data Science can feel like a confusing and overwhelming task for those without computational background. This poses a barrier especially to more technical Data Science courses since there is a dual challenge of learning about concepts of data science and how to do the coding.  

At the same time being able to navigate the digital world and work with data is more critical now than ever, so as teachers we strive to modernize curricula and endow students with the computational skills necessary for the workplace of the future.  

Because of this we envisioned this workshop as an entry point to demystifying this fascinating field and empowering you with the essential knowledge and conceptual understanding you need to tackle the world of Data Science. It is aimed primarily at educators who are novices with regards to data science but curious about this developing field and looking to integrate computational aspects into their teaching. 

In short theory sessions we will introduce the key concepts of data science, clarify roles and terminology surrounding working with data and illuminate the data’s journey from collection to insight. No coding experience is required. 

You will then work in groups to investigate cases related to the material and discuss what you learned.

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The workshop will also run again on the 16th of January.