Just Bash It - Intro to the unix Commandline

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Are you interested in data management or large files? Do you want to learn how to use command line tools, scripts and pipelines for your data analysis? Would you like a better understanding of your computer?, how to navigate your operating system, how to install/update software and get familiar with good computer hygiene? Sign up for our 2-day workshop on the Bash shell and terminal command line, and learn how to Just Bash It!                                                                

Knowledge on how to use a terminal command line is an essential skill, not just for data scientists, but for any biomedical researcher who needs to work with large datasets, including registry data, clinical datasets and high-throughput biological data. In combination with the basics of bash, mastering the command line will allow you to wrangle large datasets and run command line softwares for data analysis, including  those for sequence alignment, gene annotation, SNP & CNV calling, web-scraping, protein structure analysis, and much much more. Additionally,you will get the skill set you need to work on high performance computer (HPC) systems and external servers, when the power of your local machine does not suffice.

Just-Bash-It!, is a 2-day introductory workshop to the Bash shell, and command line interpreter. In the workshop we will take you though:

1. Understand what a terminal is, how to use it, how to get help and handle errors.
2. Set up a good directory structure for computational projects.
3. Perform basic unix operations on files.
4. Automate their workflow through scripts and workflow language.
5. Navigate on unix-based HPC environments (servers) such as computerome 2.0

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➡️ https://eventsignup.ku.dk/justbashit-june2023

If you are a PhD student, you can register here:
➡️ https://phdcourses.ku.dk/DetailKursus.aspx?id=110704&sitepath=SUND